Rene V. Sarmiento

You want good government? You want leaders who are public servants in the true sense of the word, upright, just and responsible to the needs of many, especially the poor? You want peace and development to go together? You want insurgencies and armed conflicts silenced by social justice and economic progress? You want your children enjoy the fruits of quality education? You want every centavo that you pay as taxes to the government go to social welfare and security, public works, health and sanitation and protection of our environment? You want our civil and political rights, economic, social and cultural rights enhanced, protected and promoted?

If you want them all, you VOTE.

When you vote, you are exercising your sacred political right to suffrage and your sovereign power to choose those who will govern the country;

When you vote you send the strong message that democracy and republicanism are not mere dry concepts but living realities in the Philippines;

When you vote you tell many that the enduring stability of the Government depends on the consent of the governed;

When you vote you articulate your voice on the sensitive issues that face the Filipino people; and

When you vote, you cleanse the body politic of misfits in public service and ensure the election of the best and brightness;

When you vote, you vote for LIFE, LIBERTY and PROSPERITY!

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