3 from Team Unity, 2 from Independents

The Genuine Opposition (GO) led the pack of Senatoriables during the first run of the Mock Elections of the Student Leader’s Forum (SLF), with seven of its candidates making it into the twelve slots for the Senate.

Held last March 8 and 9 at the University of the East (UE) campus in Recto in partnership with the UE College of Arts and Sciences Student Council and KALIPI-UE, the elections simulation showed that opposition stalwart Francis Joseph “Chiz” Escudero got 294 of 355 votes, or 82.81%. He was followed by Manny Villar, with 230 votes (64.78%).

Independent candidate Kiko Pangilinan took third place with 229 votes (64.5%). Joker Arroyo was the highest of Team Unity’s candidates, landing at No. 7 with 199 votes (56.05%).

Among the other senate hopefuls who made it into the top 12 were Alan Peter Cayetano, Loren Legarda, Ping Lacson, Noynoy Aquino, Ralph Recto, Michael Defensor, Gringo Honasan and John Osmeña.

“We’re happy with the way the votes turned out,” student council President Alvin Go said. “If you’ll notice, not one of the top 12 from was movie stars or any sort of celebrities. These are all national leaders, people who are actively involved with national issues, not those who simply rely on fame to get voted.”

“I think this shows that the youth are not easily swayed by glitz and glamour,” Go added. “It’s still issues and performance for us.”

SLF President Ace Gomez praised the large turnout. “355 may seem like a small number to some, but the fact that this many got involved in our little simulation shows that the young are not apathetic. The youth want to get involved, we just need the venue to do so.”

Gomez also praised the trend in the voting by UE students. “To see no celebrities in the top 12, that’s something good in our view. It shows the youth have a different standard when it comes to choosing their leaders.”

The mock election is part of SLF’s project called “Get Involved: Exercise your Right to Vote”, an information campaign aimed at raising awareness among the youth about the elections and the candidates who are seeking public office this coming May. This campaign is in coordination with the Kabataang Liberal ng Pilipinas (KALIPI) and Center for Liberal Leadership (CLL), and National Student’s League (NSL)

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