Young national leaders continue their winning streak in the Mock Polls being conducted by the Student Leaders Forum (SLF).

Topping the Mock Elections held by SLF at the Bulacan State University was Rep. Chiz Escudero, with 378 of 445 votes, or 83.56% of respondents. He was followed by Sen. Pres. Manny Villar with 325 votes; Loren Legarda with 307 votes; Sen. Kiko Pangilinan with 3200 votes; Sen. Ralph Recto with 276 votes, and Sen. Ping Lacson with 261 votes.

The other who made it into the remaining six slots were Sen. Joker Arroyo, Rep. Allan Peter Cayetano, Rep. Noynoy Aquino, Tito Sotton, Rep. Miguel Zubiri and Sec. Mike Defensor.

“We’re happy with the turnout”, Martin Anthony Naluz, president of the Alliance of Students for Action and Progress (ASAP), SLF’s partner in the activity, said. “You’d think 445 is a low number but given that its hell month for students we’re happy to see that there are enough young people still interested in exercising their right to vote.”

Ace Gomez, Chairman of the SLF, said the results in the BSU Leg of Mock Election ran consistent with the previous ones done at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP) and the University of the East (UE).

“It’s the same trend,” Gomez pointed out. “Young people are not fooled by glitz, glamour and celebrity. The ones who constantly get into the top slots are national leaders that have been known for their advocacy of issues.”

The Mock Elections is a project of the SLF and the Kabataang Liberal ng Pilipinas (KALIPI), in cooperation with various organizations in participating schools. It is designed to both raise the awareness on the candidates for the 2007 elections – a profile of the candidates is ready at the polling precinct for reference purposes – and to encourage young people to vote.

“Young people have to realize the importance in this right,” Gomez said. “This is perhaps, short of another People Power, the most powerful expression of our voice. This is our voice on an issue given form. And as soon as young people realize the true worth of the ballot, then we begin the long road to reforming the country.”

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