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Eric D. Caliboso
Project Director

Your Vote, Your Choice, Your Future!

The outcome of the coming May 14, 2007 elections will be decided by the youth. Either through active participation or through passive indifference our choice will determine the nation’s fate for the new millennia.

One cannot over emphasize the importance of the coming elections and its would-be outcome. After EDSA 2, “EDSA 3”, the “Hello Garci” scandal, two aborted impeachments and the failed automation of the election process, it is this election that could salvage the country from ruin.

Amidst all this, the emotional stirrings, the nonstop bickering of politicians, the political carnival has begun! And one sector is left pondering in the middle – the youth. While the issue of whether ‘to vote or not to vote,’ is still there for some of us, the dilemma who to vote for in the upcoming national polls is one of the biggest challenges we are facing.

Politicians from various shades of the political spectrum are shifting their campaign to focus on the youth or at least claim to represent the youth’s cause and interest. No politician is crazy enough to ignore our votes.

Comprising more than 40% of the total voting population, it is undeniable that we can dominate the forthcoming national elections. Our opinions, attitudes, and expectations should, therefore, be an eye-opener not only for politicians and for marketing specialists, but also for economists, social planners, political scientists and opinion makers concerned with the future of this country. Our age group, after all, will inherit this earth after the old ones were gone.

Mr. Antonio C. Abaya wrote on his essay regarding the youth’s fate relative the 2004 elections: “What do they think we are bequeathing to them, a potential paradise or a certain hellhole? I would be happy if they thought they would be taking over a nondescript, unspectacular, boringly ordinary but, at least, reasonably functioning and reasonably livable slice of the planet.”

After all the events that took place after 2004 Mr. Abaya would be displeased to know that their generation is more likely to leave the youth with a “hellhole” legacy than the nondescript, boring, ordinary place he prefers.

But then again the choice of a potential paradise or a hellhole is a decision that the older generation is not to make. Like the choice of who to vote come Election Day it is a decision entirely up to us to make if we are willing to take the responsibility.

The next question is; Are we willing to take on the responsibility? Are we ready for it? Are we committed enough?

There are mixed answers to these questions. Since 1999, there has been youth participation in the Philippine society has been growing. Youth organizations with various advocacies have sprung up like mushrooms. From civic causes to charitable endeavors, there are youth groups that address these concerns but it is sad to note that youth organizations dealing with political issues did not share the same popularity or growth.

Maybe it is because many young people see politics as dirty. Some observe that this is because the youth are passive and are unwilling to participate in a process were money and influence is the name of the game.

I see the political processes as a tool and this tool’s value depends on who is using them. Like a knife in a butcher’s hands ends life while in a surgeons hand it can extend life. I believe that the youth can maximize the political processes to take charge and be catalysts of positive societal changes if we are organize and willing to work towards a common goal.

A great sage once said, “Democracy can only work if the people are willing to take an active role in it”. Democracy is for, by, and to the people, we have to keep it in mind that public officials do not solely shoulder the responsibility of governance but it is a responsibility in every individual.

During elections in a representative democratic state the political power returns to the people and as they cast their votes they decide the fate of the nation by giving up their political power to persons they think is best capable of forwarding their interest and carrying out their goals and aspirations as a people.

Let the Filipino youth in its more than 10 Million strong electorate member uphold the political power we posses. Let us use the May 14, 2007 national elections to effect the changes we desire for our nation by electing the proper individual to positions in government. Let us judge them by their character, track record, platform of government and integrity.

We have more information and tool in our hands to push this country beyond the personality politics our patriarchal society had come to develop. We are better in seeing through the mask most politicians take on to entice voters. We are better in discerning the genuine from the fraud.
Let us go out then and carefully examine all candidates that would stand on election come May 14. And let us vote with the future, our future in mind!

Your choice, your vote, your future!

Sa panulat ni Mr. Rey De Guzman



This campaign is initiated by Student Leaders Forum (SLF), Kabataang Liberal ng Pilipinas (KALIPI), National Students League (NSL), and Center for Liberal Leadership (CLL)
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Good Day!!!

About this coming election….. I want you all to know the rotten culture and tradition when it comes in our Local election here in Isabel, Leyte….. Vote buying here are normal…..,,, Php 2000 to 3000 are for mayor, Php 500 to 1000 are for vice mayor and Php500 for councilors, even for SK president, will cost him or her Php1000 each vote…. Isabel, Leyte is a first class municipality in Reqion 8, this houses big companies like PASAR, philippine Association Smelting and Refinery, PHILPHOS, philippine phosphate Fertilizer, they situated in Leyte Industrial Development Estate. No win, No money!!! here in isabel……. first class nga ang isabel pero kapit patalim parin ang mga karamihan dito….. yumayaman lang ang mga kurakot namin na mga officials….. hindi ko rin masisi ang mga kurap na official na ito dahil din sa mga taong nag lukluk sa kanya dahil lang sa pera… Hindi ko masisi ang mga taong nagbenta sa kanilang boto dahil sa hirap ng buhay tinatamasa nila…..,, iisa lang ang kalaban namin ang systemang bulok na umiiral dito sa Isabel, Leyte…..
Hope this problem will be cure!!!

Bejo III

note: (original message appeared in kalipi friendster)


MIKE DEFENSOR – the most charismatic personality among the Team Unity senatorial candidates. He’s brilliant. He is an epitome for the youth. Hope he’ll be the next president.

CHAVIT SINGSON – one of the most popular senatorial bets for 2007 National Election because of his role @ People Power II. His platform is countryside development emph. in agriculture. He has a nationwide support through the League of Governors.

EDGARDO ANGARA – he’s an economist. He passed a number of social-welfare bills.

Kiko Pangilinan – he is an amazing political figure along with Zubiri and M. Defensor.


Genuine Opportunist:

1. CAYETANO = ang ingay mo
2. ESCUDERO = Puro dada.
3. LEGARDA = Plastic ka!
4. PIMENTEL = Dont use your fathers shadow.
5. HONASSAN = only fool like will vote you.

What are you guyz doing?

GO main agenda is to let Pres. Arroyo to be thrown away from her presidency which is not a good platform at all. Their collegues (Erap’s allies) did not do their job very well during Erap’s administration in fact, it was where poverty started. If they are telling that d administration has not done something for our country or saying that it is a corrupt administration, knowing that ERAP himself is a corrupt one, why are we going to let those people to rule our country? Somehow, I’ve seen some changes during Arroyo’s admin, and I believe that Team Unity has a better platform, and eager to serve the country than those people in the Genuine Opposition. Do I have a point? hehe…

Loren Legarda, Queen of Tantrums! I just remembered seeing you cry while watching the live coverage of the impeachment trial. I was just in the fifth grade then. You and Drilon with a matching background of the Philippiine flag. Magkasama na kayo ni John Osmena ngayon! Buti pa si Tessie humingi na ng tawad dahil sa kanyang pagsayaw.. Ikaw, hihingi ka pa ba ng tawad kay ERAP at sa mamamayang Pilipino at aaming nagkamali ka sa pagbotong buksan ang ikalawang sobre? The Filipinos are waiting for your apology. Lasallians who participated in the TEAM Unity Vs. GO forum commends your appearance. But we can’t feel your sincerity.

Manny Villar, Sipa at Tadyak! Tanda ko pa po noon ang iyong napakabilis na pagbasa sa articles of impeachment bago niyo ipasa sa Senado. Kahit na ilang ulit nagtatatalak si Cong. “Digs” Dilangalen noon, tuloy-tuloy pa rin ang inyong pagbasa. You inspired me back then! People change! Feelings change! Principles change! But your interests are permanent! Erap-Gloria-Erap! Nagkamali ako sa paghanga sa inyo. Pinagtulungan niyo si Erap noon tapos ngayon may pataas-taas pa kayo ng kamay.

John Osmena, TATAKbuhin! Words cannot express my feelings. From ERAP to K-4 ni GLORIA, back to Erap again. A dog returns to its own vomit. Good luck po!

Tito Sotto, dabarkads ni Erap at FPJ ngayon na kay GMA! At least, this is your first-ever recorded case of political turncoatism unlike Villar and Osmena who always jump to another ship when personal interests are being compromised! Paano na sina Vic and Joey? Kaya nananalo na ang Wowowee…

Alan Peter Cayetano, ito ang gusot ko! Dada lang ng dada. Puro paninira ka lang eh. Maglagay ka ba naman ng boxing gloves sa ad mo, ano ka lalaki? Este, boksingero? Anong kinalaman ng boxing gloves sa pagtakbo mo? Baka naman nakiki-ride ka lang kay Pacquiao katulad ni idol “Mike A.” mo at Gov. Chavit. Buti pa si “Say Chiz” may laman ang sinasabi, ikaw puro kasinungalingan, tsismis at intriga. Palitan mo kaya si Boy Abunda? Sa bagay…

Bumoto ng tapat, tunay at totoo. Matalinong pagboto ang susi sa maunlad na Pilipinas. Huwag sayangin ang boto, manindigan ka Pilipino! Iboto ang mga taong may prinsipyo at isang salita!
Sa mga kapwa ko Lasalyano, panahon nang makialam para sa kinabukasan! Simulan ang pagbabago sa ating mga boto. We are the Christian Achievers for God and Country, don’t you dare forget that!

i dont like miss legarda my first impression about her plastic sha. but base on the survey alam ntn n mananalo sila.but we encourage those young people to be responsible for voting this coming election. to alan cayetano kaya pala taktak ka nang taktak tungkol kay G. Arroyo yuo pala may plano ka anwayz hindi ka naman naging famous dahil may nagawa kang kabutihan sating bansa. to koko pimentel nasa likod mo parin daddy mo. to escudero against din na against paramaging matunog lang ang tito sotto and angara buti naigising kayo sa katotohanan.

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